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KNOW YOUR SHIRTS- What to look out for when buying a shirt


Shirts are a very important piece to your wardrobe. They are what makes up to 60% of the outfits of both men and women alike. They are like the express and obvious judge of a person’s style and fashion sense especially for the males.

So here comes the question What do i look out for when getting a shirt? here are a few things to note when you want to buy a shirt.

1.Know your measurement and body type

knowing just the basic sizes like “small,medium,large, extra-large(XL, XXL, XXXL) is not enough to guarantee that the shirt you are about to get will be a perfect fit. You have to study your body and understand your taste when it comes to shirts. Measurements like your arm length, neck size and chest size is vital for you to take note of.

2.Check for subtle features

Make sure you note certain special features if there are any on the shirt you are about to buy. features like pleats and also note if the shirt is slim fitted or oversized.

3.Pay attention to the collar:

There are numerous styles of collars in the market so it is very important to know the types of collars out there and know which one works well for you. Listed here are the types of collars in the market

  • semi spread collar
  • spread collar
  • widespread collar
  • wingtip
  • classic collar
  • Button down collar
  • band collar

4.Choose a fabric that bests suits you:

Knowing your style, following trends and also the weather can have an impact on the texture of fabric you choose to wear. It is advisable to pick shirts with fabrics that are comfortable, cotton-like and easy on the eyes.

5. Check out the colour and prints:

For colours and prints of shirts, pick what works for the occasion. Generally it is advisable to not repeat colours as it becomes boring overtime and always appear trendy and classy whether it be  Floral,plain,checkered, vintage and stripped shirts. Also do not pick colors that are harsh except its a uniform.

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