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TGIF- Casual Friday Outfits from Ynorth wears

Does your office have a “Casual Friday” policy dress code? Are you uncertain about what it means and what you should wear? If not, you are not alone.

This policy of relaxing the dress code one day a week confuses many people, which is why you’ll probably see some people showing up at the office in an inappropriate outfit

Business casual with one company might be considered casual Friday attire at another.

In many companies, casual Friday has become the norm. While it may be okay to dress down in jeans and sneakers, that doesn’t mean you should be sloppy. Remember that this is still a place where business is conducted,and in order to maintain your professionalism at all times, avoid the urge to dress like you’ve just stepped away from your backyard.

Most people appreciate a hybrid outlook,one that fits for both the office and a party. if you are in such category then you are in luck!

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