About us

About YNORTH – Our story will inspire you.

YNORTH Wears started as a small business idea with a motive of producing quality leather slippers for friends and family and with the way the products were accepted along with condemnation received, the idea metamorphosed into bigger concept. The designs could have easily been sold along with foreign brands’ logo as many fashion entrepreneurs do, but the brain behind the idea asked himself a very vital question “WHY NOT MADE IN NIGERIA?” The question gave way to the birth of a very big brand in the shoe making industry.


What we do

100% Home-made wears

We have produced a number of quality and fashionable wears such as Shirts, Shoes, Sandals, Belts, Ties, School Shoes, and Sneakers. YNORTH wears currently leads in the market of made in Nigeria footwear as we are being recognized as the biggest producer of homemade footwear. With our numbers, we are proud to say we have carved for ourselves a niche in our market. We have created a brand which now makes people believe in made in Nigeria products.

High-quality materials & designs

Over the years, we have focused on producing the very best wears in terms of design and quality, we have studied the market closely, and we have identified the value we intend to take advantage of, we engage directly to our customers through our stands which are located in established supermarkets in major cities, the model enables us to ensure we offer the very best grade of customer service to them and also monitor the quality control of our products as well as preventing adulteration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce to the populace the finest quality footwear in efficient time, gladly we have been able to do this, we have been able to change the mind-set of people towards homemade footwear, we have been able to convince that homemade footwear such as ours possess high quality considered to the ones they have been purchasing across the border.